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Flipping The Iceberg
An interactive and informative workshop helping individuals discover their true potential with the skills they already have.
Flipping The IcebergAn interactive and informative workshop helping individuals discover their true potential with the skills they already have.

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Gregory CN Smith | Seminar TrainerGregory CN Smith | Speech Coach2010 International Speech Champion | Gregory and fellow Toastmasters of Area 66 celebrating his District 86 win!2010 District 86 Humourous Speech Champ! | Gregory CN Smith with District 86 Governor Merri Macartney and 2009 Champion Bill Brodie.

Gregory C N Smith won the title of Toastmasters District 86 2010 International Speech Champion in April with his motivational speech titled "Genius of a Different Kind". In the same year he also won the title of Toastmasters District 86 2010 Humourous Speech Champion in November, with his very hilarious speech titled "Corporal Punishment". Gregory is humourously motivational.

Through his storytelling skills he recreates real life experiences that coaches people to “Ignite Your Personal Power”. These experiences are presented as either a keynote, workshop or in an individual setting. Gregory believes everyone has the ability to do the things they dream deep inside they want to do. This belief drives his commitment to personal excellence in himself and others. He continually develops his understanding of human behaviour to ensure he can serve individuals to be their best. 

He shares his ideas on personal growth in his book “Life’s Loudest Secrets”. In this book he highlights 12 principles that when implemented creates great success. Gregory believes mentorship is a major key to success and that is certainly true for him. His mentor taught him many things in his young life that has set him on his path to achieving his dreams. He teaches these success principles and many others he has gathered along his course. Leading through personal experience Gregory invites you to come on a journey with him and “Ignite Your Personal Power” through a riveting and life changing workshop.

He cites his greatest accomplishments to date as competing at the World Championships of Public speaking in Palm Desert California August 2010.  This is no small feat. Many hours are spent in the apple orchard or on an empty stage practicing to get to the championships. Hard work makes anything possible.

Gregory has ignited the passion of people to chase their dreams. He continues to work extensively with First Nation Communities in Saskatchewan, Quebec and Ontario, Canada teaching and coaching on the three pillars of his "Direction to Success Program". These pillars include Leadership Skills, People Skills and Financial Skills. Gregory’s latest program ‘Financial Management 101’ offers easily implemented techniques that can lead to financial stability. Financial Management 101 has received rave reviews from attendees who now see and understand that money is a tool and when used appropriately will lead to a better quality of life. Gregory continues to chase his dreams with passion, excitement and vigour. Gregory’s motto is, “Come as you are but don’t stay as you are, because the saddest thing to be said of anyone is that they haven’t changed a bit.”

Keep changing into a better you and one day you will be the “YOU” you have always imagined.

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Gregory CN Smith
RR# 2
Teeswater, Ontario, Canada
N0G 2S0
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