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Life's Loudest Secrets - Revised Edition | Life

Life's Loudest Secrets is focused on living the balanced life. It presents twelve secrets about areas in our lives we need to pay close attention to as we grow and develop.

These secrets are in fact not secrets at all, they speak loudly to us. These secrets awaken us, usually at the most inappropriate times hence the title Life's Loudest Secrets. If we can gain insights through our journey on this spinning planet then our life's loudest secrets will speak up and become clear to us, allowing us to enjoy a well balanced life on our way to success.

Enjoy your journey through Life's Loudest Secrets.

Life's Loudest Secrets - $15.95
5.25 x 8 - 80 Pages
Shipping and Handling - $4.00



"Gregory's enthusiastic but practical perspective shines through in this publication. He's effective at getting the reader to take inventory and focus on self-improvement with real-life examples."
Joe Dietrich
General Manager & C.E.O.
Trillium Mutual Insurance Co

"Brimming with insights about successful living and people skills Gregory offers prudent and useful suggestions."
Patricia Fripp
Author, Award-winning speaker

"Life's Loudest Secrets is a wake up call to all of us. Simple yet profoundÖit shows us how we can live out our dreams and fulfill our maximum potential."
Earl Ellis C.A.
Kraft Foods Inc.

"Brilliantly and thoughtfully written. A significant achievement; a motivational and easy read."
Jacqueline Mason
Mortgage Banker
Atlanta Georgia USA

Author Bio:
Gregory C.N. Smith is a motivational speaker, seminar trainer and behavioral consultant. Gregory is living proof that these ideas and principles he shares will work in your life if you truly want them to.

In his early adult years it seemed unlikely that he would do anything significant in life. From factory worker to sales person to entrepreneur, Gregory tried to achieve his dreams but to no avail. He was blessed to meet someone who took him in his counsel, a man named Gunner Couce, who birthed a passion for success in Gregory and taught him the principles of Life's Loudest Secrets.

Now as he experiences successful changes in his life, Gregory shares these principles and ideas with you so you too can experience the liberating life of living your dreams!