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Life's Loudest Secrets - Revised Edition
Life's Loudest Secrets - Revised EditionLife's Loudest Secrets is focused on living the balanced life. It presents twelve secrets about areas in our lives we need to pay close attention to as we grow and develop. These secrets are in fact not secrets at all, they speak loudly to us. These secrets awaken us, usually at the most inappropriate timesˇhence the title Life's Loudest Secrets. If we can gain insights through our journey on this spinning planet then our life's loudest secrets will speak up and become clear to us, allowing us to enjoy a well balanced life on our way to success. Enjoy your journey through Life's Loudest Secrets.

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Join us at Career Path Academy for this most important workshop:

"3 Massive Mistakes Parents of High School Students Make That Ruin Their Kids' Chance Of A Successful Future!"

(...and how to keep your kids on the right track after high school.)

WHEN:  Thursday, September 22nd, 2016

In this 45 minute discovery workshop, you will learn the 3 most dramatic points that most parents do not know about that can Ruin their kids chance to a Successful Future.

You will quickly discover:

3.  Top Money Wasters of Education

  • What is that?
  • Why is this so important?
  • What are the ramifications/costs?
  • How can you implement this immediately?

2   In-House Advice and What to Avoid

  • What is that?
  • What to avoid and why you should
  • What are the outcomes?

1.  No Career Path Training/Self Discovery

  • What does this mean?
  • Why is this the most important area?
  • What are the ramifications?
  • What you can do immediately

Cost:  $15 at the door,

Free when you pre-register

Call Steve @ (519) 542-8750 to register or email: steve@apexsuccessgroup.com

HERE:  Sarnia Lambton Chamber of Commerce
556 North Christina Street 
Sarnia, ON N7T 5W6

WHEN:  Thursday, September 22nd, 2016

3 Times Available:

  • 11am
  • 1230 pm
  • 2:00 pm

Call Steve @ (519) 542-8750 to register or email: steve@apexsuccessgroup.com