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Life's Loudest Secrets - Revised Edition
Life's Loudest Secrets - Revised EditionLife's Loudest Secrets is focused on living the balanced life. It presents twelve secrets about areas in our lives we need to pay close attention to as we grow and develop. These secrets are in fact not secrets at all, they speak loudly to us. These secrets awaken us, usually at the most inappropriate timesˇhence the title Life's Loudest Secrets. If we can gain insights through our journey on this spinning planet then our life's loudest secrets will speak up and become clear to us, allowing us to enjoy a well balanced life on our way to success. Enjoy your journey through Life's Loudest Secrets.

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Photo courtesy Andrew Smedley | Gregory CN Smith with District 86 Governor Merri Macartney and 2009 Humourous Speech Champion Bill Brodie.Photo courtesy Andrew Smedley | Gregory CN Smith presenting "Corporal Punishment" his 2010 winning Humourous Speech.Photo courtesy Bill Brodie | Replaced by the trophy!

It was a tough task for the judges of the 2010 District 86 Humourous Speech Contest in Niagara Falls on November 20, 2010. Seven of the funniest speakers in Toastmasters District 86  competed for the title of Humourous Speech Champion. Gregory C N Smith, member of Toastmasters of Hanover and representing Division W emerged the winner. Toastmasters from across District 86 landed at the Sheraton-on-the-Falls, Niagara Falls November 19-21, 2010 to learn grow and laugh at the 2010 Fall Conference. 

Not only did we listen to very funny speeches but there were excellent workshops to help each one enhance their speaking and leadership skills.