You can't be anything you want to be but you can be everything you were designed to be
Would you say you are more outgoing or more reserved? Are you more of an on task type of person? Are you more to be in the crowd enjoying the company of friends and colleagues? You have a certain personality style that identifies or defines you. If I understand your Personality and human behavior it allows me to build rapport quickly. It enables me to understand you on a deeper level assisting me in business and friendship.
People do business with people they like and the same goes for friendships. Understanding this will improve your life immensely, saving you time, money and serious effort.
I have found that in order to find happiness, to alleviate frustrations, attain the better career or build confidence  we need to embark on a journey. This is the only journey I know that will answer your questions to fulfilling your desires. This journey will liberate you from the fetters of conformity, feeling judged, stress and fear that has held you in bondage too long. In order to be truly free it is imperative that you flip your iceberg. 
We are asked a question from an early age, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” There are two major faults with this question. 1. It’s impossible for 99.9 percent of our population to answer. Because how can you tell me what you are going to be before first knowing who you are? 2. It forces you to become outer-directed. You become conditioned to look at what’s appealing to the eyes, the mind, in society or through the media, but not what’s appealing to the essence of who you are. I believe most of the frustrations and stress we face in life is due to us becoming outer-directed. What we need to do is Flip the Iceberg.
Gregory C. N. Smith, Personality and Human Behaviour Specialist and Personal Power Coach takes personal development and high achievement and transforms it into a journey. A journey that people from all walks of life have enjoyed taking. You will learn simple and powerful strategies to help you pinpoint what you really want, create a plan on how to get it and gain the confidence to persevere. All in an insightful, fun and enlightening environment.
What is the Iceberg?
The iceberg is you. You only show 10% of the true you to the world. You utilized about that much of your true potential as well. 90% of your real potential is hidden and untapped.
What is Flipping the Iceberg?
Flipping the Iceberg is about tapping into your potential. 
• Discover how to achieve your desired results
• Discover how to overcome limiting thoughts and behaviours
• Insightful, you will understand how to be in control of your actions
• Leave with the confidence to live your plan for your life not someone else's
• Walk away with the tools to live authentically
• While having a lot of Fun 

What are people saying …?

This workshop gave me insight that I need to change to move forward with my given skills.
Ken, Small Business Owner

I was better able to understand my needs because of my personality style. Showing me where I will be more successful and where I will find the most joy.
Tabby, Entrepreneur

The Flipping the Iceberg presentation was a lesson in life skills for our students. We value collaboration in our classrooms and this session helped our students better understand themselves and their peers. By knowing their personality strengths and characteristics, as well as those of their peers, they are enabled to approach others with sensitivity and purpose.”
Jennifer, Elementary School Principal

I liked seeing my students engaged. Understanding yourself is a key to finding your sweet spot.
Terry, Secondary School Teacher

It was a very easy and comfortable environment. Understanding other people’s personality styles at work will be very useful for me in the future.
Cindy, Manager in Manufacturing


I have a better understanding of myself and I am so much clearer about my talents.
Christine, Beauty and Wellness Consultant

Excellent, this workshop will explain that everybody is not alike and you should plan your life based on your unique traits and talents.
Bob, Truck Driver

I now know the secret to success, and I am confident that I can apply what I learned here to build a successful business.
Diana, Business Owner


What if we learned your personality style? What about your strengths? What would we create by merging the two? Now with those two areas in mind let us take a peek at your operating system. I believe we would be stepping into the realm of fascination.

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