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What would you do if……..

  • Money wasn’t a problem?
  • You had the time to do whatever you wanted?
  • Everything you put your mind to worked out?
  • You could get along with anyone and everyone?

Apex Success Group Inc. (the Pattern breakers), a peak performance, potential-tapping training organization; teaches the three areas in life you must master in order to be a success. No matter who you are or where you live, these three areas should be your focus:

  • People skills
  • Leadership skills and
  • Financial skills

You will need these skills until you exit this spinning globe. The fact is, the better you are with people, the quicker you will achieve your end goal. Now, when we say Leadership, we are not speaking of leading a major corporation or running for leadership of some political partly. We mean being a leader each day in your life, learning which skills are needed and growing in them. Money can be a great tool to bring you much joy, security and satisfaction, or it can lead you to disaster and frustration. For example, if envelope A states: Manage your money wisely and create a bright future; and envelope B states: Mismanage your money and depend on others to support you in your not-so-bright future; most of us would choose envelope A.

In this program you will learn how to identify what holds you back from being successful with the knowledge that everyone is different. You will learn and understand the subconscious beliefs and values that keep you from building wonderful relationships, or that help you to nurture great relationships. Or the ones that sabotage your success when it comes to dealing with money, or that give you the touch of class that brings prosperity. Direction to Success is a life-changing event because here we deal with reality, what’s actually happening in our world, the things we never acknowledged or were afraid to confront. Until you become aware of your fears, anxieties and whatever is holding you back from being happy, you will never have true success. You will have little glimpses or a taste, but never really grab onto it and be free. Direction to Success will help you to be free.

There is a direction, a roadmap; a path you should take that will bring you to success and happiness. Unfortunately, too many of us take someone else’s directions, someone else’s road instead of our own.
You can want more money, more time, more happiness - the list is endless, but unless you choose the correct path, money, time and happiness will elude you forever.

In his book, “Life’s Loudest Secrets” Gregory CN Smith states, “There is a limit to your success… ". Come learn what that limit is and how to make success stay. Are you a success attractor or repellent?

You will learn:

  • How do I create great relationships
  • Your Direction to Success
  • Limits to you succeeding
  • Success mentality vs. Failure mentality
  • How to get along with anyone
  • Secrets of living to your true potential; and lots more

Where are you going on your road of life? Is it leading you to success? If not then you need to change something, do a little fine-tuning, and that’s what you will do in this seminar. This is one life-changing event you do not want to miss. Life is about challenges and results. With Gregory it’s about how you can Make a Significant Difference.

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