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Life's Loudest Secrets - Revised Edition
Life's Loudest Secrets - Revised EditionLife's Loudest Secrets is focused on living the balanced life. It presents twelve secrets about areas in our lives we need to pay close attention to as we grow and develop. These secrets are in fact not secrets at all, they speak loudly to us. These secrets awaken us, usually at the most inappropriate timesˇhence the title Life's Loudest Secrets. If we can gain insights through our journey on this spinning planet then our life's loudest secrets will speak up and become clear to us, allowing us to enjoy a well balanced life on our way to success. Enjoy your journey through Life's Loudest Secrets.

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What is Flipping the Iceberg? 

A systematic approach where students can discover who they were designed to be.
Icebergs, like people, are beautiful, unique and amazing. We know that on average only 10% of their mass is visible above the water.
That's a lot like our own potential isn't it? Most of the time it feels like 90% of what we are capable of is dormant under the water. Why do we feel like that? What can we do about it? The programs concept is to FLIP THAT ICEBERG! Tap into that 90%.

Our program is about teaching young people to understand who they are and continue to be aware of themselves, as they grow into each transition in their education and life path.
One major challenge we face is - With the current curriculum and all the youth programs already available, what could they possibly gain from another program?

A fair question... recently Gregory went with his son on a tour of a University in Ontario. He heard from the Finance Representative that the cost of attending was between $17,000- $21,000 per year. Later on, the Administration Representative asked the prospective students: "How many of you know what your major will be?" Approximately 5% raised their hands. She went on to inform the group that over 70% of their students change their major, or continue to attend classes with an 'undeclared major' after their first year, so don't worry "you'll figure it out." Now would any parent be comfortable with this guidance? We designed Flipping the Iceberg to address issues like these. When you know yourself you will make prudent decisions and design your future. 

Originally the program was designed for entrepreneurs and adults that were considering (or forced into) new education or a career change.  Due to unforeseen circumstances an opportunity presented itself as a pilot project in the Avon Maitland District School Board.  Flipping the Iceberg was a hit with Students, Teachers and Principals. Since 2011 this program has been positively impacting students in different provinces and school boards. We offer a systematic approach to self-knowledge, which we believe is the true foundation for a life which leads to happiness and lasting success.

Would you say you are more outgoing or more reserved? Are you more of an on task type of person? Are you more likely to be in the crowd enjoying the company of friends and colleagues? You have a certain personality style that identifies or defines you. If I understand your Personality it allows me to build rapport quickly. It enables me to understand you on a deeper level assisting me in friendship.

Gregory CN Smith: Flipping the Iceberg in the News - The Ottawa CitizenWhat are you good at? What are your strengths? You have certain talents and strengths, you use at will. What if you got a better understanding of your talent and what to do with these talents to bring more success in your life? Do you embrace change? Are you afraid of confrontation or thrive on confrontation? Are you a morning person, afternoon or evening person? Are you naturally good with numbers? Are you good at sports? Or do you have two left feet?

What are your beliefs? What values assist you in making decisions? Who do you emulate in your life? You have a certain way of doing things. How is it benefitting you? How can you improve on your operating system to get your desired results?


These qualities and talents define you and the better you can define yourself the more successful and at peace you will be.  You can't be anything you want to be but you can be everything you were designed to be. This is how we Flip the Iceberg. 

What are people saying …?

 “It got me thinking about specific details and skills in my life and how I need to take advantage and utilize them.”
Justin, Co-op Student

 “I liked seeing my students engaged. Understanding yourself is a key to finding your sweet spot.”
Terry Walker, Career Teacher F.E. Madill Secondary School

“Flipping the Iceberg really made me think about myself and how I interact with others. I want to start off every school year with this workshop!”
Lori McCabe, Teacher Stratford Central Public School

“This workshop taught me to work on the things I’m good at not focus on what I’m not.”
Chris, Grade 7 Student

“Really opens your mind to think of things and try new experiences rather than doing the same routine over and over again. This has helped me think outside the box.”
Bailey, Secondary School Student

“The Flipping the Iceberg presentation was a lesson in life skills for our students. We value collaboration in our classrooms and this session helped our students better understand themselves and their peers. By knowing their personality strengths and characteristics, as well as those of their peers, they are enabled to approach others with sensitivity and purpose.”
Jennifer Skelding, Principal, Goderich District Elementary School

“It helped me understand so much about myself and others. It helped me understand that I have skills no one else has and that’s amazing.”
Dawson, Grade 8 Student

“I liked how it helped us explore ourselves and others more than we usually would. The iceberg should be flipped by every individual.”
Serena, Elementary School Student

“Insightful and thought provoking, Gregory helps you delve into the farthest recesses of your mind in order to help understand yourself. This is a great seminar.”
Austin, Co-op Student

“It is imperative that we teach kids to value themselves, their talents and abilities. They can’t do that unless we give them the tools to allow them to be reflective”
Ms. Abby Armstrong, Teacher, Hullett Central Public School

Mr. Smith was a surprising and refreshing change from other speakers I have experienced. He is one of the most informative and all around best speakers that I have heard and glad to say that I will take much from his presentation.
Murray, Careers Student

 What if we learned your personality style? What about your strengths? What would we create by merging the two? Now with those two areas in mind let us take a peek at your operating system. I believe we would be stepping into the realm of fascination.

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