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Flipping the Iceberg

Flipping the Iceberg Camp

Common dangers facing youth and simple secrets to empower them

One of the most asked and unanswered question in life is “What do you want to be when you grow up?” The reason for the hesitation when this question is posed is because most people do not know themselves and their talents therefore, defining themselves in the future is HARD.

I have asked myself this question over and over again and through that asking “Flipping the Iceberg” was formed. A systematic approach where participants will discover their real potential, success qualities and who they were designed to be. Icebergs, like people, are beautiful, unique and amazing. We know that on average only 10% of their mass is above the water.

That's a lot like our own potential isn't it? Most of the time it feels like 90% of what we are capable of is dormant, under the water.

Our youth face many challenges:

•Self-esteem issues

•Uncertain about their future

•Drugs and Alcohol

•Education and career decisions


Why do they feel like that? What can we do about it?

The programs concept is to FLIP THAT ICEBERG! Tap into that 90%, encourage, enlighten and empower them. This program teaches young people to understand who they are, where their strengths lay and pull it together with direction to become strong individuals with purpose.

Most young people are not able to connect their talents and abilities to what they want to do in their future. Most of our youth simply do not think of themselves as future successes.

Flipping the Iceberg helps them to clarify who they are, what they can do and what they need in order to be successful and happy, with happiness being a major key. With the tools they gain, participants can be more purposeful and well equipped in becoming better achievers. This in turn will allow them to make better decisions, avoid peer pressures and see their future for what it is “Bright instead of Bleak”. Participants leave this workshop equipped to create better results, design their blueprint based on their aspirations and passions.

Flipping the Iceberg Youth Conference is an informative and highly interactive workshop, teaching participants that while they are not 100% of our population, they are 100% of our future. Participants learn best when they are engaged at the core of their learning processes. This workshop highlights what they NEED in order to be successful and shows how they can use this knowledge in their everyday activities.

Discovering Personality Style

Participants work in groups in guided and creative discussions, with assessment modules. Many of the challenges we encounter deals with personality clashes. It doesn’t matter where you go or what you do for the rest of your life you must deal with people. Learning people skills will produce success. Through different modalities we gain knowledge of personality styles then identify and discuss the differences. Participants learning about themselves and different personalities naturally build strong relationships which empowers them in life. Self-understanding is the key to having self-esteem. The most successful in life are the individuals who are clear on who they are, who they are dealing with and also aware of how to deal with that person from different perspectives.

Exploring Talents

Belief in self and one’s abilities is the key to overcoming challenges. Many sabotage themselves because of self-doubt. Far too many accomplish half of what they are capable of and walk the wrong path due to fear. We all have talents and abilities to assist us in becoming better achievers. Our youth must learn their most valuable talents and how to utilize them. Most find it difficult to articulate their talents and some feel overwhelmed just thinking of their talents and abilities. We assess highly successful people and what they do differently to attain success. We gain insights by studying their personality styles and choices, a picture is painted, a pattern is illustrated, revealing why they are successful. Once we know Why then the How becomes apparent.

Operating System

The actor, writer, playwright, and comedian Woody Allen said, “80% of success is showing up.” Youth must have an attitude of making a significant difference in their life. Our youth needs to understand how their MIND works and the impact it has on their present and future. A major part of the struggle and conditions our youth face deals with their mind. We are not taught about our mental faculties and the power within. A successful person understands how their own beliefs, values and preferences affect them. We discuss why it is necessary to understand and actively manage our Operating System in order to achieve true success. Attitude is everything in becoming a better achiever.

Having Goals with a strategy and a willingness to put in the effort is a sign of strong achievement. We discover what each participant is like, what beliefs and values hold them back or help them to prosper.

Awareness brings change, Change breathes success and success liberates us!

What are people saying about this…?

“It got me thinking about specific details and skills in my life and how I need to take advantage and utilize them.”

Justin, Co-op Student

“Be honest and pay attention this is the path to a great life. This program is worth it.”

Hudson, Grade 11 student

“It gave me a better insight of my personality and how it will affect my future employment”

Kathy Lloyd, Partners in Employment Client

“Flipping the Iceberg really made me think about myself and how I interact with others. I want to start off every school year with this workshop!”

Lori McCabe, Teacher

“It completely changes your way of thinking about your future.”

Andrew, Grade 12 Student

“This workshop is enlightening and insightful. It is filled with energy and revealed things about myself and my mindset that I had never realized before. A true opportunity to increase your knowledge on the most complete and intricate subjects on the planet…YOU.”

Jodie Hooker, Ambassador of Ontario Association Agriculture Society

“Take the time to understand yourself, it may be the best thing you have done for yourself lately”

Danny, OYAP Student

“It changed my life to think and believe more in my abilities.”

Victoria, Grade 10 Student

“It helped me understand so much about myself and others. It helped me understand that I have skills no one else has and that’s amazing.”

Dawson, Grade 8 Student

“This seminar has taught me in order to be successful you must work with your personality needs along with your talents.”

Jill, Client of Children’s Aid Society

“Insightful and thought provoking, Gregory helps you delve into the farthest recesses of your mind in order to help understand yourself. This is a great seminar.”

Austin, Co-op Student

“It is imperative that we teach kids to value themselves, their talents and abilities. They can’t do that unless we give them the tools to allow them to be reflective”

Ms. Abby Armstrong, Teacher

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