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 Complete Speaker Makeover

In this exciting four days you will learn:

•Our process to create, develop, design and deliver a killer keynote

•Our method to create, develop, design and deliver a wonderful workshop that leaves your audience totally enthralled

•Our Process to finding and creating content

• Getting rid of the butterflies instead of having them fly in formation

•Our system for using personal experiences for a dynamic presentation

•The five types of presenters

• Masterful stage presence

•Adding the funny

•Finding your niche market

•How to market yourself and Make Money

•What to charge

•Plus lots…lots….more

This event happens once each year, it’s a live four day event with Gregory designed to help you seize your calling as a professional speaker. This is an exciting, engaging and a stimulating learning experience with your own personal speaker breakthrough. If you want to take your keynote and workshop business to the next level, then Keynote2Workshop is for you.

Gain a clear understanding of what type of presenter you are and how to use your strengths to connect with your audience. In this fun-filled, entertaining, learn-as-you-go, supportive environment we teach you to S.O.A.R. Display Sincerity, show your Openness, be Appealing and allow them to see the Raw side of you. Once you are able to S.O.A.R. you can never be duplicated. No one will ever say, “You remind me of…” or “you sound like…” because you will learn to be one of a kind and you will be magic. Be prepared to rock your stage.  Just click REGISTER to make sure you qualify!!!

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