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Public Speaking with EASE Home Study Guide

Most people like to fly below the radar; they like to be safe. Public speaking, as in speaking before an audience, puts you way above the radar and out of the safety zone. Here you can be challenged, heckled or even ridiculed. The real fear of public speaking is being humiliated, being judged, even looking foolish. That’s the fear; it’s nothing to do with speaking in public. When you learn the techniques and gain insights your confidence grows because you now know what to do, you know some of the inner secrets of public speaking. This is what makes public speaking easy.



Life’s Loudest Secrets

is focused on living the balanced life. It

presents twelve secrets about areas in our

lives we need to pay close attention to as

we grow and develop.

These secrets are in fact not secrets at all, they

speak loudly to us. These secrets

awaken us, usually at the most

inappropriate times – hence the title

Life’s Loudest Secrets. If we can gain in-

sights through our journey on this

spinning planet then our life’s loudest

secrets will speak up and become clear to

life on our way to success. Enjoy your

journey through Life’s Loudest Secrets. 


Sometimes some of our best thoughts or ideas come while we are showering or in a dream then you find yourself fighting to remember to no avail. Mind doodles is a collection of those thoughts that come when you don\t have pen and paper or a recording device or too comfortable in slumber mode to get up and document. This is Mind Doodles a collection of thoughts, short stories and thoughts than convert into poem.


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