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Igniting Your Power

 I remember my mentor telling me about 80 – 20 – 5. He explained that in success out of every 100 people only 20 reach a certain level of success. Out of the 20 only 5 people really make it, when I say make it I mean they are happy, financially independent and living life on their terms, but there is a significant difference between the 5 out of the 20. 15 are doing well and the 5 are doing extremely well. Now question number 1 is why only 20 make it? Question number 2 is how can you be a part of the 20?

Wallace D Wattles author of The Science of getting Rich said, “Success does not come by doing certain things success comes by doing things in a certain way.” I believe those in the group of 20 found the certain way.

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Flipping the Iceberg The amazing Secret

Complete Speaker Makeover

You want to be the best you can be on stage. You want to have tool, techniques and professional skills on mind control. In this fun-filled, entertaining, learn-as-you-go, supportive environment we teach you to S.O.A.R.   Learn More

Public Speaking With EASE

Would you enjoy delivering like a pro? Do you feel uncomfortable speaking in front of a group?

Would you like to improve your public speaking skills by 70%? Oral communication skills were the number one skill that university professors found useful in the business world. 

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