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Igniting Your Power

I remember my mentor telling me about the 80 – 20 – 5 concept. He explained that in success out of every 100 people only 20 reach a certain level of success. Out of the 20 only 5 people really make it, when I say make it I mean they are happy, financially independent and living life on their terms, notice there is a significant difference between the 5 that really make it. 15 are doing well and 5 are doing extremely well. First question, why only 20 make it? Second question, how can you be a part of the 20?

Wallace D Wattles author of The Science of getting Rich said, “Success does not come by doing certain things success comes by doing things in a certain way.” I believe those in the group of 20 found the certain way.

All your life you have been achieving your aspirations. All your life you have been proving how talented, brilliant and gifted you are. The challenge is it’s seldom in a comfortable state where you could analyze, evaluate or contemplate what transpired. Instead it’s usually a panic stricken state, an adrenaline rushed state where there is no recollection of what happened.

It’s what I call Blunders to Brilliance with absolutely no explanation.

Have you ever made a big blunder, a massive mistake and had the most embarrassing moment?

On the other hand have you ever had what I call brushes with brilliance? A time where you were resourceful, witty and articulate?

Remember this, “The same person.” You are the same person 8 months ago a major blunder, big mistake but eight weeks ago you were brilliant. You are the same person five months ago major mistake didn’t want to leave your home and yet five weeks ago you were brilliant. You are the same person two months ago major screw-up, embarrassing moment, everyone talking about you yet tomorrow or next week you will be brilliant. You are the same person.

Now you are probably thinking, when was I brilliant I don’t recall? Of course not, we are taught to focus on the wrong things. In school blunders got all the attention and we remember those well, we dwell on them. Unfortunately the times of brilliance we are trained to soon forget. From kindergarten I was conditioned to play the Comparison Game, always comparing myself to others. No wonder when they failed I felt good about myself, because that’s the only way I could feel good, I used to think they were better than me. Instead I should have learned to admire them or be inspired by them and learn from them. Same in the home...parents dwell on the blunders, the mistakes why? Because they went to the same type of schools and took the same training. The brilliance got one or two complimentary words and were soon forgotten, but the blunders you heard about that stuff sometimes for weeks.

Alfred Adler ... “The hardest thing for human beings to do is to know themselves and to change themselves”.

Because we operate primarily on a subconscious level it’s very difficult to know ourselves and change ourselves. That takes contemplation of the day’s events, evaluating what, how, why, when... it takes awareness. Have to be conscious of what is happening within and around in order to change. That is the only way to make a significant change... I have made a affects everything you do. I have discovered three elements to your success and happiness that once understood it will change your life forever. It’s your Foundation, Perspective, Power and this is the Amazing Secret.

Foundation: your foundation moulds you, YOU were raised with certain beliefs and values. YOU were birthed through a series of Fortunate and Unfortunate events YOUR foundation designs your life’s philosophy or what I call your secret code of conduct . Your Secret Code of Conduct affects the way you operate in every area of your life.

Perspective: your perspective is the inner view you have of yourself and ultimately the view you have of the world...I’ll tell you this, nothing matters as much as how you feel. There are two views in your world... yours and everyone else... and your view usually wins.

Power: Your power is your talent, ability and potential. I believe you have a reservoir filled to the brim with talent, ability and potential. Here is the challenge... you access your reservoir only when you need to not when you want to. When you cross your threshold of no return you access your power or tap into your reservoir. You move with confidence, you move with strength, you move with POWER. Truth is you don’t think confidence, strength or power you just act.

This is The Amazing Secret

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