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Public Speaking with EASE

For business and management

Would you enjoy delivering like a pro? Do you feel uncomfortable speaking in front of a group?

Would you like to improve your public speaking skills by 70%? Oral communication skills were the number one skill that university professors found useful in the business world. A good public speaker always has the advantage. They help their audience to think, because of their thought provoking points. They cause the audience to connect emotionally because of their vocal variation. They have a heavy hitting message or powerful points for their audience to ponder. A good speaker can take the most boring or mundane information and make it interesting.

Take the fear out of Public Speaking:

 Make boring information come to life.

 Become better at speaking in front of a group

 Walk away with a proven method of structuring your presentation

 Engage your audience

 Techniques that will give you confidence when speaking to your audience

In this highly interactive, learn as you go workshop, participants will discover the secrets to great presentations also how the masters engage their audience.

In this workshop participants will learn:

 The power of a good opening

 How to structure your presentation like a pro

 How to engage your audience

 The mindset of your audience

 Overcome the fear of messing up

 How to speak to one and reach all

 Plus much, much more

Public speaking expert, award winning speaker and workshop facilitator Gregory C. N. Smith, has inspired audiences on four continents. Gregory is a Toastmasters District inspirational speaking champion where he went on to compete at the world championships of public speaking.

He is also a District Humorous speaking champion, the only individual to win both Inspirational

and Humourous competitions in the same year. He is a master at taking the complex and

simplifying it. Gregory wants to teach you The Art of Public Speaking.

You will walk away with, more confidence; tools to use right away and a far greater

understanding of the inner secrets to public speaking and presentation skills.

What are people saying?

“I thought I knew how to deliver a presentation. Wow was I wrong. I have wasted a lot of

opportunities. I look forward to planning for my next presentation.” 

Tamara, Executive Director, Literacy Link

“Gregory opened the doors of our comfort zone and pushed us out so that we may become


Nathan Gilmour, Skills Advance Ontario Employment Facilitator, Labour Market Planning Board

“I learned that small adjustments to a presentation can turn an ordinary boring presentation

into an experience to captivate your audience. Gregory had everyone dimply out of their

comfort zone using simple tools to help us grow.”

Sandra Huffman, Human Resources Senior Administrator, Listowel Technology Inc.

“Thanks you Gregory for an amazing workshop. As a speaker myself you took me to the next


Clinton Springer, Motivational Speaker, Dynamic Speakers Platform

“Several simple tips and techniques to transform the way I communicate. I didn’t know what I

didn’t know!”

Anne Marie Curtin, Literacy Link South Central

“This workshop taught me how to put together a strong, thoughtful presentation-very

beneficial for me and my job.”

Nancy Taylor, MCAP

“I think I might have adopted the false idea that because I had no problem getting in front of

people that made me an effective speaker. I will be using the techniques especially strong

opening and close structure to revamp some of my training presentations. Your program was

well rounded and you seem to be passionate about what you do, it was refreshing. I will be

recommending your course.” 

Geoff, ALC Trainer, Aisin Canada INC.

“Gregory C.N. Smith is a powerful public speaker. Not only does he offer you the tools, tips and

tricks to become a better public speaker he shows you and offers examples, while allowing you

to practice your skills.”

Teresa Renee, Design to Connect

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